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HydroHoist Boat Lifts

UltraLift-2 "UL2" Model

Side-Tie "B" Model

Front Mount UltraLift-2 Series

HydroPort-2XL  PWC Platform

Time Line:

1964- Oringinal invention by the founder of HydroHoist.

1969-First-ever patent for a water displacement-by-air boat lift was awarded to the HydroHoist Company

1972-First level-lifting boat lift introduced to the market

1977-First national network of boat lift dealers offering coast to coast sales and service to boating public. (Now including six factory-owned reginoal distribution warehouses.)

1980-First free-floating lift for stationary docks with infroduction of the Side-Tie B-Model HydroHoist.

1980-First boat lift ot offer a multi-valve control center.

1985- First free-floating lift for commercial operations with capacities up to 120,000 pounds.

1992 First L-Arm design for greater stability and performance.

1996-First boatlift company to offer a ground fault circuit interrupter (user safeguard device) on all its lift controls.

1998-First HydroPort PWC platform.

1999-First seamless, one-piece, rotationally molded boat lift tank for flawless air retention, strength and resistance to impact damage.  With the introduction of the UltraLift line of HydroHoist Boat Lifts.

1999-First to offer "all steel out of the water" with the UltraLift and UltraLift2 boat lift line.

2001-First PWC docking platform to offer both wheels & rollers for user friendly docking and launching with the introduction of the HydroPort2 PWC platform.

2004-First boatlift company to employ a full-time State Certified Professional Engineer to enhance the design, performance and quality of our products.

2006-First control center with automated rapid-launch feature and all corrosion free components.

2006-First to introduce larger air handling system to provide fastest lift and launch of any boat lift on the market.

2007-First proprietary remote control with programmable boarding positions.

2007-First rotationally molded tanks for shallow water applications.

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UltraLift2 "UL2" Model
UltraLift2 polyethylene tanks-designed and manufactured by HydroHoist-are highly resistant to impact or low-water damage. Flexing when stressed, the tanks then return unharmed to their original shape!
And, all the steel parts are above the water-a completely new concept in the boat lifting industry-to defy rust, corrosion, and the elements, and protecting your boat for years of convenient and care-free storage.
The UltraLift2-The ultimate in boat lift performance!!!

Standard Features


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Precision-designed, custom-molded, high-impact polyethylene tanks
  • All steel parts above water*
  • Hot-dip, zinc-galvanized structural steel frame and fasteners
  • Full-width 5" frame channel with 5" adjustable expansion channel
  • Heavy-duty 3" square torsion bars
  • Grade 8 pivot hardware
  • Heavy-duty structural-grade dock brackets with molded bumper guards
  • Boat-side, padded-step pitmans*
  • 5" high-density polyethylene square-hole bushings
  • Two-piece stainless/polyethylene pitman bushings
  • Heavy-duty hull support system
  • 10 ft. slip minimum
  • All cast parts are HSLA steel


*Standard Installation up to 18,000lbs

Recommended for

  • Boats up to 28,000 lbs.
  • Boats up to 47' overall length
  • Inboard or stern drive
  • Drive-in or back-in installations
  • Floating docks and U-Shaped slips


Model Capacity Min. Water Depth Min. Slip Width Max. Slip Width Min. Mooring Width Tank Options
4400UL 4,400 4.5 8 16 N/A
6600UL 6,600 5.5 8 16 N/A
2  -  31" x 32" x 13.5'
66003TUL 6,600 4.5 10 16 N/A
8800UL 8,800 5.5 8 16 N/A
2  -  31" x 32" x 17.5'
10000UL2 10,000 6.5 10 18 N/A
12000UL2 12,000 6.5 10 18 N/A
14000UL2 14,000 6.5 10 18 N/A
16000UL2 Short 16,000 6.5 12 18 N/A
16000UL2 Long 16,000 6.5 12 18 N/A
18000UL2 18,000 6.5 12 20 N/A
22000UL2 22,000 6.5 13 20 N/A

Side-Tie B Model

HydroHoist Side-Tie B models provide mooring for powerboats and sailboats in floating or fixed docks. Floating walkways on each side off a guide for the boat when down, a step out of the boat when moored and a step into the boat when the boat and lift are fully raised. 

Standard Features

  • Heavy- duty construction
  • Ultra-tough, marine-grade fiberglass tanks
  • Superior marine-grade hardware
  • Heavy-duty mooring brackets
  • High-output air delivery system
  • Hot-Dipped, zinc-galvanized structural steel and fasteners
  • All cast parts are HSLA steel
Recommended for
  • Boats up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Boats up to 45' overall length
  • Fixed or Floating docks
  • Extra-wide slips
  • L-shaped moorings
  • Canal waterways
  • Seawalls


Model Capacity Min. Water Depth Min. Slip Width Max. Slip Width Min. Mooring Width Tank Options
4500B 4,500 4.5 0.0 0.0 12
7500B 7,500 5.5 0.0 0.0 12
9000B 9,000 6.5 0.0 0.0 48
12000B 12,000 6.5 0.0 0.0 48
2  -  32" x 32'
15000B2T3F 15,000 6.5 0.0 0.0 48
15000B4T2F 15,000 6.5 0.0 0.0 48
20000B4T3F 20,000 6.5 0.0 0.0 48
30000B4T3F 30,000 6.5 0.0 0.0 48
4  -  32" x 38'


Protect your craft and enjoy fast, convenient access to the water with the HydroPort2 PWC Docking Platform.  Its exclusive bow bumper slows your craft's forward motion and provides a soft rest for the keel.  A contoured design and bow roller help center your craft, and in-line rollers make launching easy and convenient. 
The HydroPort2 can be front or side-mounted on floating or fixed docks.  Molded-in tie-down loop is provided at the bow to secure your craft.  An optional connecting link locks multiple units together. 

Standard Features

  • Ultra-tough polyethylene construction
  • Contoured design and bow roller
  • Exclusive in-line roller wheel design
  • Exclusive bow bumper
  • Molded-in tie-down loop
  • Front-or side-mount mooring hardware
  • Anti-Skid walk area
  • Universal hull support
  • Universal front- or side-mount capabiltiy on floating or fixed docks
  • Rigid mount hardware for floating docks only
  • Optional connecting hardware to link multiple front-mounted units together



Recommended for 
  •  One-, two- and three-place PWCs
  • Load capacity up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Floating or fixed docks
  • Side- or front- mount installations
Technical Specs
Total load Capacity-1,500 lbs.
Lenth-11' x 6"
Width- 4' x 10"
Total Weight-240 lbs  


Warranty Statement 









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