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In 1988, Wesley Carman crashed the Thundercraft 52 in Canada.  Here is footage of the crash.  He ended up being under water for 9 minutes.  Thanks to the determination of one doctor not giving up on him, he was saved with no long lasting injuries.  He later raced in the late 90's.  

            Wes getting ready to dive                                                     Wes outside the cave                            
   Wes ouside the cave                                                         Wes going in the water

 Capt. Wes at the helm                                                    That's a big lobster      

  Douglas Carman                                             Doug decorating Christmas Float

           Douglas with Ex President George Bush Sr

             Wes and Doug at the Boat                                          
                    Show in the early 80's                                                  

                                  Wes driving the fork lift                                    Wes at age 16 driving a race boat    

                 Still photographs from Wes's crash in 1988 shown above in video.

                           Wes driving the forklift                           Early HydroHoist Boat Show display 

Doug's Racing Boat


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